Why Choose Us?

Shelton has created a multitude of simple and elegant earring designs out of 14K gold fill and sterling silver wire. She has had such great success selling to friends and local stores and museum shops that she felt the need to start an online shop of her own. Many of her designs are customizable with different metals and bead colors to work with specific outfits, so feel free to give her a call at the number listed. 

"I love my gold hammered "Chaos" earrings. They are very flattering the way they reflect light. I get complements all the time!" 

Yale student

About Us

Shelton Wiseman,

owner and designer

I started studying wire jewelry design in 2016 at The John C. Campbell Folk School. There I studied a variety of  wire wrapping and hammering techniques that I have been building on ever since. When I moved into an apartment large enough to create a jewelry making space in 2018, I was off and running with endless designs in my head. I have been creating earrings and other jewelry ever since with my design motto: simplicity and elegance. 

My latest designs use MURANO GLASS BEADS, which are very special and I'd like to say a word about them. The tiny Island of Murano, a 10 minute boat ride from Venice, is famous for its glass artisans who, for 700 years have been making everything from chandeliers to beads. Murano glass is world famous for its unparalleled quality and exquisite range of colours, which can be seen in the subtle colours of the beads used here. The colored glass overlays silver or gold foil to give the beads an inner glow.





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